About us

Lake Country Cycle is a labor of love and a testament to the passion for cycling held by its owners, Caleb Pike and Cameron Donald. As a locally owned and operated bicycle sales and repair shop, our commitment to the cycling community is unwavering. At Lake Country Cycle, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality service and sales experiences that cater to cyclists of all levels, from novices to seasoned enthusiasts. Our shop is not just a business; it's a hub for the cycling community to come together, share their love for the sport, and receive the highest level of expertise and support. We take pride in every pedal stroke of our journey and strive to be your ultimate destination for all things cycling.


Team LCC 2.0


Meet the team

Josh   Jason

Josh Koble


Jason Belitzky

Mechanical Mastermind   Cycling Addict

Josh, our lead mechanic and avid cyclist, is deeply passionate about bikes, second only to his family and friends. His love for cycling encompasses everything from riding to bike maintenance and fostering community engagement. While BMX once consumed his life, discovering mountain biking in 2015 opened up a new world of adventure. During summers, when not with family, he can be found exploring local trails or tackling Silver Star's challenges. Josh aims to inspire others with his cycling fervour and encourages everyone to embrace the joy of riding. 

 “I can only hope that I inspire people the way I have over the years and that my love of bikes is felt by everyone I meet. Whatever you ride, wherever you ride, just have fun doing it! “ 

First bike: 80s Haro Bmx

Favourite bike of all time: 2014 Opus Nelson , We Are One Arrival

Favourite Ride: Sovereign Lake network


Meet Jason, our seasoned Senior Team Member and Super Domestique. With a lifetime immersed in the ski and bike industries, Jason hails from Montreal but honed his skills for over a decade in Whistler before venturing to the Lower Mainland and Okanagan valley. His expertise spans road racing, gravel, commuting, trail riding, downhill, and dirt jumping. While he's often found behind drop bars, Jason's true passion lies in group rides and helping cyclists discover gear they never knew they needed.

First bike: Rocky Mountain Hammer 

Favourite bike of all time: 2002 Rocky Mountain Pipeline

Favourite Rides: Angel Springs





Jade Pike


Caleb Pike


Meet Jade. After nearly two decades in healthcare, Jade sought a change. Co-owning and working at a bike shop with her husband (Caleb) offered the meaningful interactions she craved. At LCC, she values giving each customer the attention they deserve without feeling rushed.

Jade's fascination with people's stories remains, now intertwined with biking. Being a woman in a male-dominated industry adds fulfillment. Embracing bike culture, from mountain to gravel biking, has been exhilarating since moving from the prairies six years ago. Her gravel bike, soon equipped with a dog trailer for Kleo, embodies her newfound passion. Engaging with the biking community, both local and visiting, adds depth to Jade's journey in this exciting chapter of her life.

First bike: Strawberry shortcake banana seat bike

Best ride: All things Predator ridge-still can’t believe this riding is in our backyards!

Favourite bike: Scott Contessa Ransom 910


Caleb Pike, the brains and brawn behind Lake Country Cycle 2.0, having traded in medical devices for spokes. Proving that anyone can find their calling in the great outdoors, even after having spent over 28 years consulting in the medical device industry, along with establishing a chain of retail stores providing sports injury and medical supplies, which he started in his parent's basement and sold 25 years later. Hailing from the flatlands of Manitoba, where he started cycling at a young age, he's now pedaling his way to entrepreneurial success, one wheelie at a time.

First bike: Norco Spitfire

Favourite bike of all time: Scott Genius 910, Scott Addict Gravel 10

Favourite Rides: Feel The Love (Smith Creek), Might As Well (Sun Peaks), Dolomites -Val Gardena,............ too many others to list!

Cameron Donald


Managing Partner    

Meet the O.G., Cam

After a few short years beginning in Squamish BC, Cameron was raised a Lake Country Local.  After dabbling in the IT, Electronics, Communications and Manufacturing industries, Cameron co-founded the original LCC in 2009.  Since changing gears, and partnering with Caleb in 2023, Cameron is excited for what 2.0 has to offer.  

First bike: Kuwahara BMX

Favourite bike of all time: Scott CR1 Pro